In Transition....

Transition. It's an interesting word. The Oxford Dictionary tells us that the word can be a noun or a verb.

noun: the process of changing from one state or condition to anotherverb: to undergo or cause to undergo a process or period of transition

I am experiencing both the noun and the verb types.

I've experienced a number of transitions in my life. From home to college. College to married life. Then married life to babies. Followed by divorce. And divorce. Empty nest. I've experienced living life without people that I loved.

I've experienced job shifts. Part-time to full time. Self-employed to day job again. Business owner to working for the man.

Life transitions. All of them. Many of these transitions happen and we have no choice in the matter. Others we choose and cause. I'm no different from anyone else.

Right now my transition is a noun precipitated by a verb. In other words, I'm in the process of change because of a decision I made to cause the transition. At the time of the decision, I just didn't realize how much of a process this transition would be!

I'm moving home. In 1975 I left home to go to college and I never looked back. That's nearly 43 years of living away from the small town I grew up in--and 43 years of growing and learning about myself and transitions that are all manifesting themselves into this one physical and emotional even, move. Process. Transition.

Oh, it's all good, but life will be different. I'm currently living and working in a Southern city with a population of nearly a million people. I'm moving to a small town of about 600 people in the Midwest. I've sold my house. I'm going to be renting my grandparents' house from my Dad. I'm keeping my day job but I will be working out of a home office. Instead of condos and a golf course behind my house, there will be corn. Instead of gently rolling hills, I'll be looking out over flat land.

And I'm good with all of that. I'm in the process of a big life transition. I've been weeks prepping for the move, getting the house on the market, and getting the new house back home prepped for me to move into. I'm a little bit exhausted and exhilarated at the same time. My dad has been along for the ride in this process and I couldn't ask for a better father. I'm looking forward to spending many years living just down the street from him.

There are multiple facets to this move and even after the move is done, I still see a transition evolving over the coming year. I'm getting closer and closer to retirement. That's on the horizon as well. And guess what? That wouldn't bother me a bit because I'll have more time for writing.

I'm looking forward to living simply and authentically. Living simply and simply living.

That's it. That's where I am right now.