Did you know? Some ways authors provide #Free ebooks

Sometimes authors price books temporarily free, such as a flash sale or free promotion. Other times, authors will permanently mark books for free. Most of the time perma-free books are used to drive sales to other books. Generally, free ebooks are series starters or are books used as reader magnets (for example, book hooks to capture the reader's attention and move them toward the author's backlist).

There are various ways to offer books for free. Authors may use platforms like bookfunnel or instafreebie, and join in with other authors for multi-author free promotions. Or, those same platforms can be used for authors to leverage individually for their own personal promotions and giveaways.

Uploading free ebooks to retailers sites, so that the books are available alongside the paid backlist, is another way. Readers can find free ebooks on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo sites, among others.

Authors may provide complete novels for free, or sometimes only a sample of the book (for example, the first chapter or two). Many authors provide free ebooks only found exclusively via their own own platforms--for example, a free short story (novella or novel) that isn't available anywhere else.

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