Dickens is Coming! Operation Snowball #dickensholiday

Dickens Countdown - Day Two!

Today's featured story in the Christmas Comes to Dickens Romance Anthology is from author Kathryn Hills.

Returning to small town life is hard for Army veteran John Gridley. The last thing he expects to find is love with the beautiful widow, Heather Murphy. Can the perfect Christmas tree and a missing cat named Snowball bring them together despite meddling townsfolk?

Operation Snowball by Best Selling Author Kathryn Hills

About My Story. Christmas has always been a magical time for me, filled with hope and childlike wonder. Just like the characters in my book—Operation Snowball—my holidays growing up began with the search for “the perfect Christmas tree.” I would spend an entire Saturday with my dad, traipsing through tree lots until we found the right one. Dad would tease me, saying I used the words “it has to be plump” waaay too often.

I would have loved a place like Gridley Meadows Farm back then. Raising Christmas trees is on my bucket list. Someday, you never know! Until then, I’ll cherish my holiday memories and continue dreaming of Christmases to come. Wishing you peace, love, and joy throughout the year!

John Gridley hasn’t set foot on the family Christmas tree farm in years. He walked away from his legacy and the quaint New England town of Dickens. But when his father looks to end their private war and reaches out for help with the hectic holiday season, John agrees to return home. He expected to work hard, and to face the reasons he left home in the first place. What he didn’t expect was to crash into love at first sight.

Heather Murphy has been a widow and single mother for five years. She’s busy raising a rambunctious ten-year-old girl and running The Library Cat Bookstore. Yet an annual visit to Gridley Meadows Farm to find “the perfect Christmas tree” sparks more than holiday spirit. Can the handsome Army veteran with tattoos and rough edges truly heal her heart? And will the townsfolk cheer on the drifter and the pretty widow? Or will their meddling cause the relationship to flicker out like a bad string of lights?

A homecoming story of hope and redemption, where love hangs on holiday wishes and the fate of a missing cat named Snowball.

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  1. Replies
    1. I got an early read. You'll love it! Kathy's writing is so crisp and the story is cute and funny!

  2. Thank you, Maddie, for this lovely feature! I'm SO EXCITED about the anthology, and I can't wait to introduce everyone to Dickens!

  3. My hero notices the “Lost Kitty” posters looking for Snowball in the dickens town Square. I’m really excited to reward this whole set!

    1. I know! I've skimmed through a few stories but am waiting to read it on my kindle frot to back. So exciting.

  4. Such a nice feature on Kathy and OPERATION SNOWBALL. This anthology is a great read. I'm proud to be a part of the project. I know readers will love CHRISTMAS COMES TO DICKENS and will get into the Christmas spirit.

  5. Such a fun project. I'm still laughing at your wish for a "plump" tree. It takes me back, for sure.

  6. Readers are going to love this anthology. Great feel good romances in time for the holiday season.


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