Tinsel, Tango, and Gingersnaps? @BonnieEdwards says, 'Why not?'

I know this is the week of Halloween -- but it's been such fun sharing these Christmas stories! Today's featured author and her story is:

The Tinsel Tango by Best Selling Author Bonnie Edwards

Brenna needs some R&R over Christmas in Dickens. Tango lessons from mysterious Jett…Smith? may bring her everything her heart desires, but his secrets may kill the love they find.

I have just one question for you though: Have you started thinking about your holiday baking yet? No? Well, when you do, be sure and download the free companion recipe book to the Christmas Comes to Dickens Romance Anthology. Bonnie Edwards shares a gingersnap cookie recipe that will knock your socks off! 

Download Your Copy!

Bonnie says: My children love anything ginger and these cookies
deliver a rich, full flavor. This is a new recipe for us and they’re clamoring for more. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, but my husband doesn’t care for ginger and we just think: “More for us!”

About My Story

In The Tinsel Tango I wanted to bring something different into the traditional Christmas romance. My heroine Brenna needs to relax and let go of her concerns. Learning the “dance of love” with its required precision helps the mind to focus. It’s impossible to worry about anything while trying to make your body move correctly. 

And Jett? Sigh. He’s a man who needs the Christmas spirit and to learn what makes a family. He’s missed out on so much, I just had to give him a real Christmas and Dickens is the perfect setting!

The Tinsel Tango

A stressed-out career-obsessed Brenna James needs to relax, recharge, and surround herself with her loving family in Dickens. Tango lessons seem just the thing to take her mind off her ambitious plans to get a promotion that will increase her stress and work hours. Tango, is, after all, known as the dance of love.

But is handsome Jett Smith, her tango instructor, the man he says he is? Something about him doesn’t add up. His charm is undeniable, and Brenna soon sets aside her questions as she includes Jett in the James family Christmas in Dickens.

Jett finds the alluring Brenna and her fun-loving family friendly and accepting. As he spends more time with them, his heart becomes full of a season he’s never understood. When he finds the person he’s covertly searching for, mixed signals and secrets threaten his plans. Suddenly, his hopes for a future with Brenna are in danger. Christmas in Dickens isn’t just quaint, it’s life-changing….

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  1. I do love gingersnaps, especially at Christmastime. This project has been so much fun.

    1. You know, I have never made them. But I'm always up to cookies! Perhaps this year.

    2. They're really very simple and only make 4 dozen. They're perfect dunked in milk!

  2. My daughter's name is Brenna. Irish - girl with black hair. Bonnie picked a good name!

  3. Thanks for this lovely spotlight Maddie! These cookies are so easy to make. I've had several requests for more since I first made them to try them out for our recipe book. My daughter even has to hide them from her husband!


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