Hey Grandpa? What's for Turkey Day Dinner?

When I was working a full time day job, I always took a vacation day the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to cook and prepare for "the day." I'll still do that this year, even though I now work from home. There is much to do, much to do....

Even though I'm only cooking for three. Maybe four, considering take-out.

Never mind all that. It's Thanksgiving. I'm cooking. Doing my thing. End of story.

So what's for dinner? Here's what's on my menu this year:

Yeah. So two different oyster dishes. Because my dad loves scalloped oysters. The Boyfriend likes oyster dressing. Me? I can't either either because both are full of stuff I can't eat (gluten) but I'm considering how I might make a gluten free version just for moi. Still pondering that.

And yeah, again. Two kinds of potatoes? Well, of course. Sweet potatoes are a given. Mashed potatoes because... well, gravy. 

Green beans and roasted veggies because we need green stuff. Mama says so. Apple salad because I have a ton of apples in the refrigerator. And the rest because they are all sort of expected. 

Now that the menu is settled, it's time to hop to it! Tomorrow is pie day. Wednesday is turkey roasting and salad making day. Ohhhh... and I forgot to put deviled and pickled eggs on the menu, but those will be there too. The picked eggs are already pickling. I'll make the deviled eggs on Wednesday.

And... all of this for three people plus a take-out dinner or two? Yeah. And I can't wait. I'm ready to slip into my happy place in my kitchen and get lost in cooking for a day or two.

How about you? What's on your Turkey Day menu? 


  1. Just us two this year. I'm doing a turkey, but not much else. I think. We'll see... We really need pie. And potatoes. And...

    1. I know. I get it. I just started thinking about this today and looked at my dad and said, "I didn't order oysters!" that got me thinking and on the search for oysters, which I did locate....


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