And speaking of do-overs. Geez. Another pen name?

Speaking of do-overs…. (see yesterday's post) Years ago I wrote quite a few erotic short stories and novellas under another pen name. I sold them for a while and then took them off the market for various reasons. Now, those reasons no longer exist, and I’ve rebranded and re-released most of those stories under a new “Maddie James writing as” pen name.

While I’m fine with these books being associated with my Maddie James brand, I still wanted to distinguish the books as a different genre. The pen name I’ve chosen is recognizably similar to my author name, but different enough. That name, along with focused branding on the covers, should be enough to set these books apart for readers.

So, meet M. J. Ames. 

M. J. AMES writes short erotic romance and erotica—sometimes classy and sophisticated, mostly naughty, and occasionally taboo. Some stories will leave you with a satisfying happily-ever-after. Others will leave what comes next to your own imagination.

Here are some of her stories. You can find her at Amazon right now. More retailers are coming, and I'll be updating my website and bookstore with all titles soon! 

In the meantime, here's a peek at a couple.