Blog Revival -- Have you noticed?

You may have noticed that I've upped my game a bit the past couple of weeks on the blog. If you are a subscriber, you've definitely noticed more posts landing in your email inbox. 

Thought I would pop in to say that the increased amount of posting is intentional—I've ignored this blog for way too long.

But blogs are dead, you say. Or someone said.

Really? Are they?

No. I do not believe they are dead. To be honest, I don't care if they're dead, or alive and kicking. My muse tells me to get content up on my blog—and I'm enjoying doing so—so that's what I'm doing. End of story.

I'll also add that focusing my marketing efforts in places that I own—website, blog, newsletter—are more important to me than being active on social media.

Upping my blog game is intentional and a big part of my business and marketing plan.

Seriously, I do want to increase my presence here—and I'll admit, increase my readership, too. It's my best forum for reaching out to readers and writers daily/weekly, without bogging down my newsletter list. Blogging is a perfect companion to the newsletter—and a nice compromise.

(Consequently, if you are a blog subscriber, and not thrilled with all the email posts in your inbox, perhaps switch to my newsletter instead.)

So, on the blog....

I'm working on consistency and content. There are a couple of things I know right now.

On Mondays, I'll be posting #WritePath workshops. You can read more about these free writer workshops by searching for the hashtag #WritePath within this blog. These posts are targeted toward writers.

Tuesdays are now Tuesday Newsday, which means I'll be sharing newly released books with readers and writers. Send me your fiction or nonfiction! See this post for guidance.

The rest of the week is open for my random posts that could range from my book news to personal "about me" posts to writing craft to recipes. Also, depending how Tuesday Newsday goes, I may sponsor a Free Friday post for authors to share their free books on that day. Let's see how things roll!

Thanks for being a blog reader or subscriber. I appreciate your support and feedback!