Your Write Path: How do you define publishing success? Ep2.1

Your Write Path: Episode 2, Part 1


Your personal path to writing success—and how you define it—is a unique discovery process. Not every writer strives for the New York Times bestselling list or to win a Pulitzer Prize. We differ in our approaches to writing, and how we think about success, about as much as the genres we choose to write within. In these Write Path posts, I share path-points for you to consider at any level of your career—whether an aspiring author or a stalled established one—to help contemplate your own Write Path, and subsequently, how you view success.

Discovering your personal Write Path may be a road more, or less, traveled, depending on where you are in your life/career—a winding path for some (myself), and perhaps an as-the-crow-flies roadmap for others. Whatever your path, you can expect to encounter, experience, and/or explore these Five Path-Points along the way:
  • Your Write Path
  • Your Creative Self
  • Your Habits & Processes
  • Your Sweet Spot
  • Your Publishing Path
We will discuss these Five Path-Points in the coming weeks on this blog, each with its own dedicated episodes, experiences, and reflections—although at times these ideas will intersperse, because they are all interconnected at their core.

What is Your Write Path?

Before we jump in, let’s explore why you are here and why you want to go on this journey. I hope you have a journal or notebook with you (highly recommended), because you will want to jot down ideas and notes as we move through the posts. In addition, occasionally, I’ll provide a link so you can access and/or download a Google Document worksheet.

Take a few moments to answer the questions below. I’ll wait. Remember, this is your work, your words. No one else has to see them—you choose to share only if you like. Be honest!

[This is a good time to grab that fresh journal or notebook and start organizing your thoughts. You’re with me on this until the end. Right? Okay. Go get your writing materials now and get ready to journal your responses.]

Q1. What led you to this point today—to explore these posts?

Q2. When did you know you were a writer? What’s your story? Write it now. Before we go any further.

Q3. Why do you write?

Go on. Answer the questions now before moving on. I'm still here waiting!

You're back? Great!

đŸ‘‰Share one of your responses in the comments, if you like. I look forward to reading them!

The “what” the “when” and especially the “why” are important to explore early in this discovery process. Why you write may be the catalyst for everything you do.

Do you write:

for money?

for pleasure?

for self-satisfaction?

to be creative?

to entertain?

to pay the bills?

to fulfill a dream?

to honor someone?

to be rich and famous?

The reasons are many and will vary for each writer. Your “why” may, and probably will, change as you progress throughout your writing life. That’s okay. Just acknowledge where you are now, so you can move forward. Your “why” will lead you to your goals, inform your creativity, help you form habits and routines, determine your sweet spot, and inform your decisions about publishing options.

That's all for today. Spend a little more time pondering those questions if you like. 

Next Monday, we will talk more about your Write Path and how it connects to your goals.

Hope to see you then!

UP NEXT: Episode 2, Part 2: Discovering Your Write Path


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