Ever do a do-over? I did a thing.

Everyone likes a do-over. Right? Well, I certainly can’t speak for everyone but there have been times I’ve enjoyed doing something over—to make it right or better.

While working on getting my writing legs back under me, I decided to tackle a couple of projects that have nagged at me for a while. Both could be considered do-overs.

I’ve revised and lengthened The Rancher’s Second Chance, the first book in my Parker Ranches Inc., series. And I’m currently working on revisions and lengthening of book 2, Callie. I’m not sure if Parker’s story, book 3, will need a revision. But stay tuned. More info on that down the road.

In this revised edition, you’ll get a bit more historical perspective of the ranch and Rankin family, plus more of Abby Cooper’s side of the story! The revised story is available at all retailers and my bookstore!