Tuesday Newsday -- New Release Day

Good morning. Happy Tuesday!

Starting next Tuesday, April 5, I'll be featuring new releases in my Tuesday Newsday feature on this blog. I will also feature the Tuesday Newsday posts in my newsletter. Interested? See the guidelines below.

  • Accepting New Releases Only (no backlist) short stories, novellas, and novels.
  • Send me your Tuesday releases at least one week ahead of your release date.
  • Scheduling early is recommended.
  • Not releasing on a Tuesday? That's okay. Book the next Tuesday after your release.
  • Feel free to submit any genre, fiction or non-fiction, although I reserve the right to pass on a submission if I feel it's not a good fit for my audience.
  • I'll post as many new releases as possible on any given Tuesday, but if the list gets too big, I may bump you to the next Tuesday. I will always let you know if I do. I won't bump any further out than one week after release.

To submit your Tuesday Newsday release:

Send the following information to maddie at maddiejames dot net (maddie@maddiejames.net ).
  • Author name
  • Book release date
  • Preferred posting date (always a Tuesday)
  • Book title
  • Book genre
  • Attach a .jpg of your book cover
  • Include or attach a 2-3 sentence blurb or sound bite to describe your book.
  • Include 1 (one) link to send readers to—a universal link, website link, or retailer link.
Do not send memes, graphics, video, media kits, bios, author photos, etc., and ask me to pick out the information I need. Send only the info above either in an attachment or in the body of the email. 

If you are interested in a more author-centric or book-focused feature spotlight, email me directly, maddie@maddiejames.net, and we can set something up. 

Thank you!