Your Write Path: Where are you on your journey? Ep1.2

Your Write Path: Episode 1, Part 2

Where are you right now?

So, let's take stock before we dig into the discussions. Where are you in your writing journey? It's important to take a moment and ponder this, because where you are may determine how you interact with the content.

I'm not trying to be all answers to all problems for all people along the way—impossible to be that—I'm simply providing information and food for thought. You'll need to determine what is important for you to explore, wherever you are in your writing career/journey right now.

Are you just beginning this journey?

Are you in a learning phase or mode?

Are you reinventing yourself?

Are you confident in your knowledge of craft, publishing, marketing and more?

Are you stuck or stalled?

Are you rounding third and heading for home? Did you hit a list or pen a bestseller?

Are you successful and happy with where you sit—right now—in your writing journey?

The hard truth is that writers rotate in and out of these and others phases over time, because the industry often forces us to step back, start over, reinvent, move forward, pivot, and do it all again. We have to keep moving in order to grow.

So yeah, to continue my sentiment from yesterday.... Inside these blog posts, you will get some of me, my ideas, my experiences, and my advice.

That said, discovering Your Write Path is your journey, your story. Not mine. You’ll be writing it while we’re working together (Get your notebook or journal ready!). Oh yeah, I’ve written all the words here, but I wrote them for one purpose—to get you on track (or back on track). To encourage you to think about your writing first, and subsequently, your writing career.

Some food for thought:

Writing comes first. (Note to self.)

It’s all about the words. First.

Because maybe you’re not after a full-blown writing career.

And maybe you are.

But none of that matters if you have no words on the page.

Figuring that out up front is important.

What you do with those words is a decision you make for yourself. In fact, as you progress throughout your writing journey, your writing focus may shift. Throughout my years of pursuing and living my own Write Path, my focus has changed many times. Sometimes it was me (my personal choices led to my winding path). Sometimes life circumstances forced the change. Other times, the publishing industry itself caused the shift.

One thing I know for certain, if you stick around the writing world long enough, you’ll see change—either within yourself, or with the writing world around you.

Probably both.

But I’m getting way ahead of myself. I have ideas to prompt your thinking about the direction of your writing.

Wait. You don’t know where you want to take your writing? Do you know how you define your personal writing success? Have you thought about that?

I have ideas to take you there, too.

My personal definition of success early on was to make enough money writing to quit teaching middle school. (I was desperate to quit teaching middle school!) That didn’t happen, but I worked ridiculously hard toward the goal of supporting myself with my writing income, and my efforts paid off—eventually. I’ve shot for that goal for years and was successful in making it happen through diligent planning and hard work. I’ve also had that dream ripped out from under me after I achieved it. (That’s another episode.)

Fickle world, this writing culture we strive to exist within.

Your goal for your writing is different from mine, or anyone else’s. Perhaps you want to write your family history, publish the book, and give it to your parents for Christmas. Maybe that’s your only goal. Good for you and no judgement here. It’s your goal. Your Write Path.

Maybe you have years of expertise on a subject, and you think by writing a book and sharing with the world, you are giving back to humanity.

Perhaps the notion of flexibility in your day is appealing. If you are your own boss, you are in control of your time, your life, your hours, your lunch break. Nice.

Maybe there is a story in your head that has been spinning for decades—and you need to get it off your brain. You need to tell the story.

All good. All honorable. Go for them, one and all. 

The bottom line is this: whatever path you choose, it’s Your Write Path. Yours. You own it. No one else.

Own it and do it.

Your words. Your heart and soul. Your rules.

Your way.

If there is a premise to my intention here, that would be it.


The information I share in these posts and in any workshop I may conduct, comes from my personal experiences, knowledge gained over time, and lots of listening, reading, and research.

Your mileage may vary.

You’ll find some of my writing experiences sprinkled throughout the upcoming posts. I share them because sometimes it’s nice to know we’re all in the same boat. Perhaps you can learn from my experiences—but you should never apply my learning as your own. We are each different and operating under a unique set of circumstances. Still, shared lessons learned can be powerful. Use them as you wish.

It’s your job, as the driver of your own writing and future writing career, to decide what works for you. Where you want to take yourself. I can’t guarantee that my ideas or exercises will produce the results you want—the work is on you, and totally up to you. You own Your Write Path, and that means navigating, educating, deciding, and owning the processes to make them work. For you.

That said, let’s get down to business.

In the upcoming episodes, we will cover many of the following broad topics (and likely more as we dig deep!)

Your Write Path

Ideas and Creativity

Routines and Processes

Your Sweet Spot

Your Publishing Path

Up Next: What is Publishing Success?

See you next Monday.

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