The Current Situation: Is this my house?

The Current Situation

My adult children and my grandchildren all live one state south from here. It's only a three-hour drive, but it's often difficult to coordinate schedules and make the trek. However, with the wonders of technology, we chat most every day via messenger or phone text, if not actual voice talking on the phone.

Sometimes I'll just send them a random picture. Often they do the same. No words. It's an unspoken message of "Here is my current situation..." It's nice to get those once in a while. They generally always spark conversation.

So, I thought perhaps I would do the same thing here, on my blog—you know, share the current situation in my life, invite conversation if you like. (I promise I'm not procrastinating on writing. Much...) Maybe I'll ramble a little and maybe you'll just get the random image post.

Who knows? I love being a pantzer writer! 

What is my current situation? Right now I'm deep into remodeling my house. Feels weird to say that. "My house." Why? Because it's always been my parents' house. I grew up here but I left for that state down south at eighteen (college) and never really lived here for any length of time after that, until I came back home in 2017 to help care for my dad.

My parents have both passed now. I've inherited the house. It is mine. And even though it is a grand house just as it is—as my dad built it back in the sixties—it's due for some updates and remodeling. And dare I say, my own personal touch?

That's where I am right now. That's my current situation. I'm making this wonderful house fit me and my lifestyle right now. I know Dad would be totally fine with it. He told me a few months before he passed that he knew there were things that needed to be done. "That's for the next person to decide," he said.

Well, that's me. So here we go!

I'm tossing out some random images today of some things that have been going on around here for the past couple weeks.  

 Until next time!


  1. What a great idea for a blog. We all have "current situations" that startle or change us from time to time, don't we? Love that flooring, BTW.

    1. Thanks, Liz! We certainly do. And I too love the flooring!

  2. Well if that wasn't so sweet. What your dad said had me tearing up.


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