My friend thinks I'm insane -- What do you think?

One of my author friends gasped when I told her I was slashing the price on my Harbor Falls Box Set to $0.99 for the month of February. "Are you insane?" she said, eyebrow cocked. "That's 15 books!" Well, I imagine her eyebrow was cocked. We were talking via Messenger and I could see that eyebrow-cock in my mind's eye very clearly. "No, I'm not insane. I never discount this set and I want to give readers a chance to buy it for cheap. After all, it's the month of love, right? Cheap is my love language." The other eyebrow cocked.  "That didn't come out right," I said. Her brows fell back into place. "But seriously, it's fine. I'll make a few pennies, but that's not the point. Everyone needs a break now and then. This is a chance to get the entire series for under a buck. I mean, where else can you get an entire collection of novels and novellas for under a buck?" She nodded (virtually). "I get it. Fine

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