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Night Kiss Serial: Chapter Nine

Part II The Lure of the Stone
Somewhere on the east coast….
Rick Gentry stared across the calm sea, deep in thought, relishing the feel of the wooden rail under his fingertips, his gaze fixed on the triangle of moonlight dancing off the rippling waves. He rubbed his un-callused hand across the splintery wood as a surge of excitement boiled up inside him. He’d landed in just the spot he’d wanted. Years, he suspected, had passed since an opportunity such as this had presented itself, and miraculously, it had presented itself to him. It was worth the wait. He’d known Claire possessed this, and he’d known she would lead the way. He had just miscalculated how. This was all he’d been waiting for. He was where he belonged, at last, and all was right with the universe. It wouldn’t be long before all was right with his soul, as well, and the thing that he sought was rightfully his. That Claire, at long last, would finally belong to him. And more…. Chapter Nine
Rolling onto her side and burrowing…

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